BBC Radio

I think the BBC Radio 5 interview went all right last night as well. It was pretty quick and there was quite the delay on the phone line so I kind of had to talk all kamikaze style and just barrel through rather than go back and forth with the DJ much. Hope it sounded OK, there were awkward silences and I couldn't tell if that was due to the delay or if the DJ was shocked and horrified by the things I was saying. The pre-interview guy said something about not saying "bradsucks dot net" on the air because that would be too racy for the BBC, but then the host asked me for the URL and I wound up spelling S-U-C-K-S out on the radio which was kinda fun.

Before I forget: on the CBC they played Add's "Do You Measure Up" and a clip of my song "Look and Feel Years Younger". On the BBC they played about 10-20 seconds of "Erik, Someone Wants To Date You".

If you have sent me email, I will reply to it, things are just a bit nuts right now.