My Schedule

Today I did interviews for CKCU FM in Ottawa, WMAY FM in Springfield Illinois (I think) and 610 CKTB radio in St. Catherines. The WMAY guys were pretty cool and fun to talk to. They seemed to be digging the actual music and were real nice and encouraging. If memory serves they played MC Frontalot's track before I went on, so that's pretty cool. Tomorrow I'm supposed to be on CJOB in Winnipeg at 12:05pm on the "Adler On Line" show for 5-10 minutes and then I'm doing an interview for the Shredd and Regan show on WEDG in Buffalo. I'm not sure if that's going to be live or not.

Then Thursday morning I'm being a trooper and getting up early to do an interview with Joe Thomas for the morning show on WLAN-FM in Lancaster, PA.

For people who want to catch the BBC interview, someone named Ben posted a comment to one of these entries saying this:

If you're quick (by tomorrow) then you can catch the Radio 5 Live interview at [link]

Click listen again. Don't recall if his interview would be in the 1-2 am slot or the 2-3 am one...

I haven't tried listening (I think I sound like a dink), but I'm pretty sure the interview was early into the 2-3am slot.

Thanks to everyone who's been writing in, ordering CDs and leaving comments. This has been a pretty crazy ride and I really appreciate all the awesome support.